Dear Readers and Academicians,

We are to present to you the December 2019 edition of the Journal of Global Strategic Management. With this new issue the Journal completes its thirteenth year. Each year we are glad to report that we are able to expand our readership and network of contributors worldwide. This mean that JGSM meets increasing interest from academicians, undustrialists, and researchers around the world.
As the end of 2019 approaches, it's time to celebrate a big year for Global Strategic Management (JGSM). To experience the happiness of completing the 13th year in the field of Global Strategic Management. We Publications Number 26 so far. We contributed to the strategic management field by publishing original articles many countries of the world for the first time. We look forward to new academic studies enthusiasm. The interest of academics and researchers from all over the world, magazine, Journal of Global Strategic Management 13.2. I am very pleased to present the publication. Strategic management is a concept that aims to reach the goals and objectives of the institutions. The long term. Global Strategic Management, one of the most researched disciplines, issues related to the field of business. That's why our magazine is dedicated to developing the core. understanding of global strategic management and management theory; in a different range Articles on all aspects of strategic management based on statistical inference, qualitative / quantitative studies, conceptual and computational models. We are very pleased and grateful to the editorial board, advisory board and referee board members. Outstanding charity committee for the successful publication of this magazine. We also thank you all for your strong support and contribution to JGSM. I hope you continue JGSM's latest high-quality empirical and theoretical studies with important tactical results in general management. We look forward to your valuable contributions to the Global Strategic Management Journal and thank you thank you for your support.

Prof. Dr. Cemal ZEHIR

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