Conference Program








October 28-30, 2021

Baku, Azerbaijan 


Conference Venue: Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) 

Baku Istiqlaliyyat str. 6



Thursday, October 28, 2021(First Day)





Opening Ceremony & Plenary Session


Coffee Break


Session I 


Coffee Break


Session II 


Coffee Break


Session III 


Friday, October 29, 2021 (Second Day)


Session IV


Coffee Break


Session V


Gala Dinner

Saturday, October 30, 2021  (Third Day)

Post Conference Tour

FIRST DAY (28.10.2021)


(10:00-11:00): Opening Ceremony – Main Hall and Online ( Zoom)

Prof. Dr. Adalat Jalal Muradov (Rector- Azerbaijan State University of Economics- Azerbaijan)

Prof. Dr. Lütfihak Alpkan (Chairman of the Conference- Istanbul Technical University-Turkey)

Prof. Dr. Oya Erdil (Co-Chair of Conference- Gebze Technical University-Turkey)

Prof. Dr. Cemal Zehir (Co-Chair of Conference- Yıldız Technical University-Turkey)


(11:00-12:00): Plenary Session 

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Chihiro Watanabe (Chair, International Committee of the Japan Society for Research Policy and Innovation Management; Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

A New Governance Perspective for Socio-Economic and Environmental Challenges - Lessons from Stakeholder Capitalization for Sustainable Development Goals

(12:00-13:00) Coffee Break

Session I (13:00-15:00)

Hall 1 (13:00-15:00): Digital Transformation and Society 5.0  (Zoom)

Chair: Zbigniew Bentyn

Digital Twin an Aid to Sustainability: The "Samba" Case (AURA CATERINA-Online)

Cyber Security Risks And Challenges In Remote Work Under The Covid-19 Pandemic (LĪGA ATSTĀJA,DIDZIS RŪTĪTIS, SINTIJA DERUMA, EDUARDS AKSJOŅENKO-Online)

The Impression of Workplace Remoteness On Job Approval of Azerbaijan Companies Through Covid-19 Pandemic (AYGUN ABDULOVA-Online)

A General Evaluation for The Future of Women Employment in The Digital Transformation (EREN DURMUŞ ÖZDEMIR-Online)

Society 5.0 And Financial Integration in Developed Countries (KANISH GARAYEV, LEYLA TAHIRZADE-Online)

Digital Consumer Profile in 5.0 Societies (OQTAY QULIYEV, SHAFAG MUSAVI-Online)

(15:00-15:30) Coffee Break

Session II (15:30-17:00)

Hall 1 (15:30-17:00): Strategic Decision Making and Leadership (Zoom)

Chair: Oya Erdil

Developing an Efficient Business Strategy in The Era of Digital Transformation (YULIA STUKALINA-Online)

Linking Decision Making Style to Organizational Performance Through the Strategic Decision Making Speed (EBRU BEYZA BAYARÇELİK, MEHTAP ÖZŞAHİN, PELİN VARDARLIER- In-Person)

The Effect of Brand Experience On Consumer Loyalty in Global Brands: Brand Research (CEMAL ZEHİR, AYNURA ALIYEVA, SONGÜL ZEHİR-In-Person)

The Role of the Internationalization and Heterogeneity of the Social Network on Building Organizational Strategic Partners: A Case of Banks in Somalia (ABDIKARIM MOHAIDIN AHMED, ŞULE ERDEM TUZLUKAYA, ERDEM KIRKBEŞOĞLU-Online)

Strategic Leadership in Azerbaijan Through the Prism of Culture and Religion (SHAFA GULIYEVA-In-Person) 

Hall 2 (15:30-17:00): R&D and Innovation Management (Zoom)

Chair: Boris Kollar

Specifics of Research and Development Project Management – Case Study of Nanobio Project (KRISTYNA KOUCKA, JANA KOSTALOVA, SIMONU MUNZAROVA, ALEXANDRA ZAHORSKA-Online)

An Examination of the Effect of Strategic Management Practices on Environmental Innovation (AZIZ KAYALIK, A. ASUMAN AKDOĞAN-Online)

Intrinsic Motivation and Innovative Work Behavior: The Mediating Role of Creative Self-Efficacy (BETÜL KARADENIZ, ERDEM ERZURUM, ABDULLAH FATIH AKCAN, SELIM ZAIM-Online)


(17:00-17:15) Coffee Break

Session III (17:15-19:00)

Hall 1. (17:15-19:00): Economics and Financial Management (Zoom)

Chair: Yulia Stukalina

Does Economic Value Added Influence the Level of Earnings Management Practices Using in the Company? (ANNA SIEKELOVA-Online)

The Impact of the Corporate Life Cycle on Financial Performance in Terms of Emerging Markets (LUCIA MICHALKOVA-Online)

Application of Selected Creative Accounting Techniques to Detect Fraud in Financial Statements in the Slovak Environment (MONIKA PORADOVA, LUCIA MICHLAKOVA-Online)

Comparison of Tax Systems in the Region of Visegrad Group (BORIS KOLLAR-Online)

The Impact of Individual Cultural Values and Religiosity on Financial Preferences (SELIM AREN, HATICE NAYMAN HAMAMCI-Online)

Hall 2. (17:15-19:00): French Session for CEDIMES ( Zoom)

Chair: Petraq Papajorgji

In the Process of the Coronavirus Outbreak Community Nutrition and Economic Management (KÂMIL TÜĞEN, ASLIHAN TÜĞEN-Online)

Trust & Expectation Measured with Projective Iconics: Steps Towards an Impressionist Method to Explore Attitudes (PETRAQ PAPAJORGJI, HOWARD R MOSKOWITZ, LAURA ESTAFANIA RODRIGUEZ BEJARANO-In-Person)

A Scenario-Based Approach to Evaluate Supply Chain Networks (KHALED MILI, HAYET BEN HAJ HAMIDA- Online)

SECOND DAY (29.10.2021)

Session IV (09:30-11:00)

Hall 1. (09:30-11:00): Strategic Analyses at Business Sector Level ( Zoom)

Chair: Sakit M.Yaqubov

The Priority Fields and Theoretical Approach of the Non-Oil Sector (MIRZAYEV ZAKIR ILYAS-Online)

Problems in the Development and Management of the Non-Oil Sector (SHAKARALIYEVA ZIBEYDA ARIF-In-Person)

Funding Research Certification Programs in the Sphere of Tourism on the Example of Developed and Developing Countries (NURKHODZHA AKBULAEV-Online)

Opportunities for Supply Chain Management in Agribusiness (AYAZ TAGIYEV-Online)

Sustainable Employment (Green Jobs) Experience and It’s Features in The Construction Sector (ELVIN AZHDARLI-Online)


Hall 2 (09:30-11:00): Supply Chain Management and Logistics (Zoom)

Chair: Lütfihak Alpkan

Comparing of Logistic Performance in Turkey and Poland. Explaining Divergence in Development (ZBIGNIEW BENTYN-In-Person)

Applicability of Blockchain Technology in Global Logistics Systems (A. ZAFER ACAR, OVUAKPOROYE E. CLARKE- In-Person)

Corporate Governance in the Context of Organizational Ecology and Leadership: A Field Research in the Logistics Industry (A. ZAFER ACAR, PINAR ACAR, NIHAL BEYAZ, UĞUR YOZGAT- In-Person)

Method of Assessing the Location Attractiveness of the Warehouse Market (WALDEMAR W. BUDNER-Online)

 (11:00-11:15) Coffee Break

Session V (11:15-12:30) 

Hall 1. (11:15-12:30): Human Resources and Quality Management (Zoom)

Chair: A. Zafer Acar

Determining the Factors That Motivate Academicians: A Research on Different Generations (LEYLA SULTANLI-Online)

Justification of Economic Efficiency of Quality Management Systems (SAKIT M.YAQUBOV, HAMID I. HAMIDOV, LEYLA V.YUSIFOVA- In-Person)

Corporate Brand Building in Higher Education Institution: Case Study of Four Public Universities in Azerbaijan (TURAN SULEYMANOV- In-Person)


19:00 -22:00-GALA DINNER