Dear Colleagues;

We are honored to present to you a new edition of “Journal of Global Strategic Management (JGSM).” With this edition- the second for the year 2021. We are living the happiness of filling the 15th year in the field of Global Strategic Management. We have published 30 numbers so far. We contributed to the field of strategic management by publishing original articles from many countries of the world for the first time. We are looking forward to new academic studies with great enthusiasm. We are excited to provide uninterrupted service to the world of science with our editorial board members and referees regarding these difficult conditions.

Every year we are glad to report that we are able to expand our readership and network of contributors world wide. That means your journal meets increasing interest from researchers and academicians around the World. Journal of Global Strategic Management is indexed and abstracted in some of the major international databases, among them “Cabell’s Directory of the USA”, “Asos index”, Global Impact Factor and EBSCO Publishing, Inc…

As the interest from academicians and researchers from all around the world has been increasing about our journal, it is my great pleasure to introduce you the edition of Journal of Global Strategic Management. Strategic management is a concept that holds the aim of achieving the goals and objectives of organizations in the long term. As one of the most researched disciplines, Global Strategic Management includes a wide range of subjects about business management area. For this reason, our journal is devoted to develop the core understanding of global strategic management and management theory ; we try to welcome a diverse range of papers concerned with all aspects of strategic management which rely on statistical inference, qualitative/quantitative studies, verbal theory, conceptual and computational models.

The Journal of Global Strategic Management(JGSM) applies theory developed from global business research to actual business situations. The Journal of Global Strategic Management(JGSM) analizes a wide variety of business decisions, strategy, processes and activities within the actual business setting.

We are very pleased and thankful to all of the members of Editorial Board, Advisory Board and Peer Review Committee for their remarkable help issuing this journal successfully.We also would like to thank you all for your strong support and contribution to JGSM. We hope you will keep contributing to JGSM to make it an even better outlet for publishing the very latest high quality empirical and theoretical studies in general management with important tactical implications. We are looking forward to your valued contributions to the Journal of Global Strategic Management and thank you for your continued support.

Hoping to meet in healthy and peaceful days ...Best wishes…

Prof. Dr. Cemal ZEHİR

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