Ethical Principles For Jgsm


Rights of the Submitting Authors:
Submitted papers are sent to blind review within utmost one month after submission.

First review process is completed within utmost four months.

Referee opinions are totally shared with the authors.

Accepted papers are put in an order of publication according to their dates of acceptance.

Obligations of the Submitting Authors:
Authors should not submit a paper which has been already submitted to (an) other journal(s). 

Authors should not add to the list of writers the names of those individuals who did not make any substantial contribution to the preparation of the paper.

Authors should not engage in any act of Plagiarism i.e. using phrases or ideas of other publications without proper attribution.

Authors should not engage in any act of Falsification, Fabrication, Duplication, or Slicing. 

Rights of the Publishing Authors:
Published articles will also be accessible openly to every kind of readers via the website of the journal.

Obligations of the Publishing Authors:
Authors should not reproduce or resubmit the article already published in this journal or a similar version of it to other publications.

Authors should not write some parts of the article already published in this journal into new article(s) without proper attribution.

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