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1.   Journal of Global Strategic Management is published twice times a year.

2.   It is published after the inspection of arbitrators and aims to support authentic studies. Articles must be sent to the Publication Committee Secretary containing the name of the writer, writers e-mail address, and his/her mobile or landline number when sent to arbitrators for evaluation. Writers must consider the following criteria which will be taken into consideration by arbitrators in their evaluations:

2.1 Writers, in their articles, must be able to demonstrate the axis of the periodical and secondary source evaluation and their novelty in accordance with such criteria and their contribution and application to international strategic management area.

2.2 They must also prove the contribution of research articles to the main axis of the periodical, articles adequacy of statistical analysis and techniques using hypothesis and methodology.

2.3 Also writers must demonstrate logical unity of articles and show whether articles can be deemed relevant and/or satisfactory.

2.4 Articles congruency to its title and whether key words are able to reflect contents of articles must be established.

2.5 Articles contribution to education by setting a high- quality model with diagrams and tables used must be illustrated. Articles concerning empirical studies will be given priority and writers submitting articles must follow the following criteria:

3.   Explanatory notes are to be numbered and written under the relevant pages.

3.1 Tables are to be numbered and the numbers are to be written on top of tables, explanation of figures are to be noted under figures (if references are used, they must be noted under tables and figures along with the permission reference number), equations are to be shown in a form that is commonly accepted along with their explanation.

3.2 A Bibliography (surname, name, for references, work "articles in quotation marks" place of publication, publishers, -in periodicals: issue, month, year, head and bottom of page-) year of publication, used must be attached to articles. Internet related references must be d to include dates and time.

3.3 It is expected that special care is paid to make sure that articles contain a summary, an introduction, method/approach used, development, findings, a conclusion, contribution to its application and a bibliography.

3.4 The name of the writer must be included at the bottom of the article and the writers title, the institution s/he works for must be noted on the first page with a star symbol as a footnote.

3.5 In the related issue, those who serve in the Publication Committee and Committee of Arbitrators are not allowed to meetings about the article concerned. Articles that are considered to be suitable for publication shall be put in the publication queue.

3.6 Articles sent and articles that are considered to be unsuitable for publication after required corrections will not be returned.

3.7 Responsibility for the articles from a scientific point of view and other related topics belong to the writer(s). With regard to references relating to figures, pictures and tables, a permission letter form the writer(s) or the publisher(s) concerned must be obtained.

3.8 If the article is published, writer(s) must send the following document stating that all copyrights are to be transferred to Journal of Global Strategic Management along with the article concerned. 

3.9 The referee's names and their reports will be kept in our rewards for five years.

Final papers should be written in the Microsoft Puplisher format in accordance with the guidelines detailed below. Length of each paper should not exceed 15 pages (A4 Size paper). Final papers should be sent to us via e-mail.

Base Font
The paper should be typed Times New Roman with Point Size 10 and Single-spaced. A space should be between each paragraph.

Set your margins as follows:
Left Margin:3 cm Right Margin:3 cm
Top Margin:3 cm Bottom Margin:2,50 cm

The title should be in all capital letters, boldface, "SIZE 20" and centered at the top of the first page. The author(s) and affiliations(s) must be right-justified , bold face, "SIZE 14" and single-spaced, beginning on the second line below the title. Do not use titles such as Dr. or Assistant Professor. etc.

On the second line following the author(s) and affiliation(s), the word abstract must be left-justified and typed in all capital letters boldface with the "SIZE 14". The text of the abstract should be italicized and not more than 500 words and 3-5 keywords must be included.

The main object of this paper

The body of the paper following the abstract should be single-space, and both left and right justified. Microsoft Word calls this "Justify".

First-level headings must be left-justified, boldface and in all capital letters with the "SIZE14" (Following the abstract, include a first level heading before the first paragraph of the body of the paper to clearly separate the two).

Second -level headings should be flush with the left margin, bold face, "SIZE 14" and in upper and lower case letters (NOT all caps).

Strategic Decision Making

Exhibits And Appendices
Exhibits may be included with each one appearing on a separate page. Exhibits should be typed as close as possible to the location they are cited. Headings should be centered, boldface, and capitalized above the exhibit. The size of the heading for each exhibit should be "SIZE 12".

Appendices should immediately follow the body of the paper and precede the references. The word appendix must be left-justified above the appendix, in "SIZE 14", bold and caps.

Calling references in the text should be handled with the use of last name, year of publication and page number. Ansoff (1965; 56) indicate that…¦

The bibliography should include those reference cited in the text of the paper and should be titled reference, which must be all in capital letters, boldface and "SIZE 14". References should be listed on a separate page at the end of the paper. A line must be skipped between references. The word reference must be left-justified above the reference,

Bourgeois, L.J. and Eisenhardt, Kathleen M.(1988), Strategic Decision Process in High Velocity Environment: Four Cases in the Microcomputer Industry, Management Science, 34, pp.816-835.

Kirkwood, Craig W., (1997), Strategic Decision Making, Multi-objective Decision Analysis with Spreadsheets, Wadsworth Puplishing Company, California, USA.

Footnotes will not be used for references.

If the article is published, writer(s) must send the following document stating that all copyrights are to be transferred to Journal of Global Strategic Management along with the article concerned.

In the event of its publication we, as the writer(s) of the article title ... transfer all of its copyrights to Journal of Global Strategic Management..
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