Dear Readers,

Our newly founded association, International Strategic Management and Managers  Association, has just been one year old. Founded by 14 academicians, one of the main aims of this organization, stated in the regulations, was to publish an international journal in English. This journal aims to become a qualified journal in international and national arena. With an amateur and scientific spirit, contributing to the planning literature is what we, the academicians, have in mind. The main source of our writings comes from International Strategic Management Conference for the last three years. The papers are ed by an international review committee. We plan to publish the papers after the final corrections are done with the cooperation of the writers. Every researcher from the academic and practioner world can send their work to the review process of this journal. Each paper is sent to four judges, each of whom is an expert in his/her area of interest, and is ed and published after their approval. The manuscript guide is attached to the back of this first issue of our journal. We present this first issue with love and respect to the appreciation of our readers. We hope you enjoy it and it contributes to your knowledge.
Cemal ZEHÄ°R (Ph.D.)


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