Conference Program



June 27-29, 2019


Conference Venue: CEUE Building (Centrum Edukacyjne Uslug Elektronicznych)

ul. Towarowa 55, Poznan 60-995

Thursday, June 27, 2019 (First Day)




Opening Ceremony & Plenary Session


Coffee Break


Session I - INTERLOG


Coffee Break




Coffee Break




Coffee Break



Friday, June 28, 2019 (Second Day)


Session V


Coffee Break


Session VI


Coffee Break


Session VII


Coffee Break


Session VIII


Evaluation Session


Gala Dinner

Saturday, June 29, 2019 (Third Day)

Post Conference Tour

FIRST DAY (27.06.2019)

(09:30-10:45): Opening Ceremony – Auditorium A

Lütfihak Alpkan (Ph.D., Chairman of the Conference- Istanbul Technical University-Turkey)

Oya Erdil (Ph. D., Co-Chair of Conference- Gebze Technical University-Turkey)

Cemal Zehir (Ph.D., Co-Chair of Conference- Yıldız Technical University-Turkey)

Zbigniew Bentyn (Ph.D., Organizing Committee Member - Poznan University of Economics and Business- Poland)

Maciej Żukowski ( Ph.D, Rector- Poznan University of Economics and Business- Poland)

(10:45-11:30): Plenary Session

Keynote Speaker: Maciej Szymczak (Ph.D., Poznan University of Economics and Business- Poland)

Digital and Smart Logistics - Managing Supply Chain 4.0: Concepts, Components, and Strategic Perspective. 

(11:30-12:30) Coffee Break

Session I (12:30-13:40)

Auditorium A (12:30-13:40): INTERLOG -1

Chair: Zbigniew Bentyn

Factors Shaping Logistic Customer Service of E-Commerce in Selected European Countries (JUSTYNA MAJCHRZAK-LEPCZYK, ANNA ŁUPICKA)

Logistics, Satisfaction and Loyalty in E-Commerce Value Network: Discriminant Approach (ARKADIUSZ KAWA, JUSTYNA ŚWIATOWIEC-SZCZEPAŃSKA)

Logistics Centre – Location and Its Significance for the City (WALDEMAR W. BUDNER, KINGA PAWLICKA)

Managing Remote Employees: A Qualitative Research in the Logistics Industry (PINAR ACAR, A.ZAFER ACAR)

(13:40-14:00) Coffee Break

Session II (14:00-15:10)

Auditorium A (14:00-15:10): INTERLOG -2

Chair: Piotr Banaszyk

Influence of Brexit on UK Logistics Performance (ZBIGNIEW BENTYN)

Role of the New Silk Road in supply chain development in Poland (MIROSLAW ANTONOWICZ, ROBERT STOPYRA, MICHAL LITEWSKI)

Identifying Key Success Factors For International Joint Ventures: A Case Study Of Sino-Hungarian Joint Venture (YUHAN HU, JIANI XIE, YANGXINRAN SUN)

Identifying Key Success Factors of Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions for Chinese State-owned Enterprises (YUMING TIAN, SHIQI TANG, ZHUOER KONG)

(15:10-15:30) Coffee Break

Session III (15:30-16:40)

Auditorium A (15:30-16:40): INTERLOG -3

Chair: Maciej Szymczak

Traditional and LCV - Sharing Transport in the City – Assessment Due To Costs (PIOTR BANASZYK, SZYMON GRABAŃSKI, HUBERT IGLIŃSKI)

Evaluation of the Competitiveness amongst the Container Ports in the Black Sea Basin (A.ZAFER ACAR, METIN DANIŞ)

The Strategic View of Port Investment Decisions (PINAR GÜROL, A.ZAFER ACAR)

Strategic Management in Logistics from Power Perspective – A Review between 2014 – 2019(ABBAS SAMADI, ATAKAN SELAMOĞLU, EMRE ERCAN)

How to Measure the Supplier Involvement? (GRAŻYNA WANDA WIETESKA)

(16:40-17:00) Coffee Break

Session IV (17:00-18:10)

Auditorium A (17:00-18:10): INTERLOG -4

Chair:A. Zafer Acar

Effects of liabilities of foreignness on MNCs: Agency relationship between subsidiaries and headquarters (HIZIR KONUK, GOKSEL ATAMAN, ECE ZEYBEK)

Modelling Of Transport Processes in the Context of Network Structures (TOMASZ SZCZEPANIK)

Excellence in Logistics Performance: The Effect of Logistics Capability, Information Systems Capability and Organizational Learning (CEMAL ZEHIR, HACER YILDIZ ÖZTÜRK)

Methods and Performance Measures of Supply Chain Finance (KINGA PAWLICKA, MONIKA WŁASZYNOWICZ)

Collaborative Risk Mitigation Strategies and Supply Chain Risk Management Performance: Information Processing Theory Perspective (YESIM CAN SAĞLAM, BÜLENT SEZEN, SIBEL YILDIZ ÇANKAYA)

SECOND DAY (28.06.2019)

Session V (09:30-11:00)

Auditorium A (09:30-11:00): Strategic Analysis

Chair: Marcello De Giosa

Cluster Efficiency Evaluation Methodology (JANIS PRIEDE)

The Goals Grid Tool: Evolves the Strategic Management Process (KONSTANTINA RAGAZOU)

Designing Strategy Dimension of the Organization Based on Big Data Analytics Capability (NASRULLAH HAZIRBABA, MURAT YALCINTAS)

Analysis of Planning Methods in the Slovak Enterprises (EMILIA GRESAKOVA, DARINA CHLEBIKOVA)

Strategic Brand Positioning in a Modern Academia (YULIA STUKALINA)

Hall 0.4 (09:30-11:00): Consumer Behavior

Chair: E. Serra Yurtkoru

How to Improve of Small Retailers’ Inventory Strategy: Consumers Purchasing-Consuming Cycle Approach (HISAO FUJIMOTO)

Consumer Perceptions of User Experience and Risk: A Research on Online Shopping (BAHADIR AYAR, ÖYKÜ ORCAN, T. SABRI ERDIL)

Using Mind Genomics to Understand the Specifics of a Customer’s Mind (ORKIDA ILOLLARI, PETRAQ PAPAJORGJI, ATTILA GERE, RYAN ZEMEL, HOWARD MOSKOWITZ)

The Interplay of Competing Affinity, Animosity and Subjective Norms in Consumer Behaviour (AYSEL ERCIŞ, BILAL ÇELIK)

(11:00-11:30) Coffee Break

Session VI (11:30-13:00)

Auditorium A (11:30-13:00): Sectoral and Case Studies

Chair: Janis Priede

Creative Design at the Forefront of Industrial Strategy:Case of Turkish Apparel Sector (ZEHRA DOĞAN-SÖZÜER, AYTUĞ SÖZÜER)

Strategic Management in Aviation Sector: Research on Flight Training Organizations in Turkey (SEVDA AHMEDİAN, SEMIH SORAN)

Financial Benchmarking as an Airline Competitiveness Assessment Tool (NATALIA KAZAKOVA, IRINA KUZMINA-MERLINO)

Crisis Management during the Arab Spring: Case of an Egyptian Company (SARA AL-FARESA, MURAT YALCINTAS)

Hall 0.4 (11:30-13:00): Human Resource Management

Chair: Hisao Fujimoto

A Bayesian Data Science Approach to a Multilevel Problem in HRM (MARCELLO DE GIOSA)

The Effect of Innovative Human Resources Practices on Happiness and Intention to Leave of Z Generation: Mixed Methods Research in the Banking Industry (NIHAL GÜLER, PINAR ACAR)

The Determinants of Entrepreneurial Intention of Employees in Turkey (E. SERRA YURTKORU, DENIZ ELBER BÖRÜ)

Social Policy Requirements for the Digitized World of Work (GAYE KARAÇAY, LÜTFIHAK ALPKAN)

The Relation between Leadership Styles and Conflict Management Strategies of Hospital Managers (HILAL KAMER, METIN ATEŞ, REHAT FAIKOĞLU)

(13:00-14:00) Coffee Break

Session VII (14:00-15:30)

Auditorium A (14:00-15:30): Innovation Management

Chair: Murat Yalçıntaş

Investigation of the Effects of Organizational Change and Environment on Innovation Performance and Firm Competitiveness (KUDRET CELTEKLIGIL, ZAFER ADIGUZEL)

Investigation of the Effect of Organizational Innovation and Internal-To-Firm Costs in the Company and New Product Performance (KUDRET CELTEKLIGIL, ZAFER ADIGUZEL)

A Hybrid Approach for Process Improvement (SEMRA BIRGÜN)

Open innovation practices and its effects on sustainability innovation performance under absorptive capacity: evidence from most innovative factories in USA (SELMA REGINA MARTINS OLIVEIRA)

A Model Proposal for Factors Affecting Innovation Performance in Small and Medium-Sized Companies (ORKUN YILDIZ)

Hall 0.4 (14:00-15:30): Organizational Behavior-1

Chair: Metin Ateş

Leader-member exchange as the mediator of the relationship between perceived organizational support and job satisfaction (ORHAN ÇINAR, DAIMI KOÇAK)

Impacts of Soft Factors in TQM on Organizational Commitment and Work Commitment (HAKAN KİTAPÇI, SERHAT ERAT, ESRA KAMILE ÜNALLI)

The Role of Self-Efficacy and Work Discipline on Career Satisfaction (ELIF BILGINOĞLU, UĞUR YOZGAT)

Using Employee Perceptions for Organizational Performance Assessment (AYSE OZGUN, MEHVES TARIM, SELIM ZAIM)

(15:30-16:00) Coffee Break

Session VIII (16:00-17:00)

Auditorium A (16:00-17:00): Financial Management

Chair: Uğur Yozgat

Alternative Approaches to Business Cost Management in the Slovak Republic (OĽGA PONIŠČIAKOVÁ)

Objective - Subjective Financial Literacy Influence On Cognitive Style and Financial Risk Perception Relation (SELIM AREN, AHMET OĞUZ AKGÜNEŞ)

The Role of Narratives in Financial Decision Making: Narratives from the Perspective of Emotional Finance (ASIYE NUR DUMANLI, SELIM AREN)

Hall 0.4 (16:00-17:00): Organizational Behavior-2

Chair: Selma Regina Martins Oliveira

Corporate identity in the context of strategic pricing of a company (VERONIKA PAUROVA, DOMINIKA MORAVCIKOVA)

Organizational Culture Perceptions of Employees That Work In Court Houses: A Research in Bursa Court House (NILÜFER RÜZGAR)

Benchmarking of Cultural Infrastructure of Selected Self-Governing Regions of the Slovak Republic (DUSAN KARPAC, VIERA BARTOSOVA)

17:00-17:30-EVALUATION SESSION (Auditorium A)

19:00-22:00-GALA DINNER (NOVOTEL MALTA, Bus will move to Novotel Malta from CEUE Building at 18:30 and from Hotel Ikar at 18:45)