Keynote Speakers

Prof. dr hab. Maciej Szymczak

Prof. dr hab. Maciej Szymczak is Full Professor of Business Administration, Faculty of International Business and Economics, Department of International Logistics, Poznan University of Economics and Business (PUEB), Poznan, Poland. Professor M. Szymczak received M.Sc. degree in the area of Computer Science from the Technical University of Poznan, Ph.D. and post Ph.D. (habilitation) degree in the area of Business Administration, majoring in business logistics management, from PUEB. He currently serves as Dean of the Faculty of International Business and Economics, PUEB. His research focuses on business logistics, international logistics and supply chain management, information systems for logistics, and city logistics. He has published over 120 articles in professional journals. He is author and co-author or editor of 17 books. His latest research resulted in the publication of The Evolution of Supply Chains [2015, PUEB Publishing], Managing Towards Supply Chain Maturity. Business Process Outsourcing and Offshoring [2013, Palgrave Macmillan], Offshoring and the development of supply chains [2014, PUEB Publishing], Public Transport in Poznań Urban Area. Suggestions for Improvement [2012, Bogucki Scientific Publishing], Logistics Decisions Using Microsoft Excel [2011, Difin]. He is also an active author of commercial publications as his wellaccepted and top-selling English-Polish, Polish-English Dictionary of Logistics Terms [2008, MJ Media] hit the market in 2008 being the first such publication on the Polish market at that time.

He has lectured and taught logistics at many universities and business schools in the region, within various types of studies: under-graduate, graduate, post-graduate, doctorate, and MBA. He is a member of the editorial board of scientific journals (e.g. “Business: Theory and Practice”, “Journal of Economics and Management”) and business magazines (e.g. “Eurologistics”), member of the scientific committee of numerous international conferences and the reviewer of presented papers, and a member of the “Innovative Product for Logistics and Transport” award committee. Since 2017 he is an expert of National Science Centre of Poland – a government agency, supervised by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, to support basic research in Poland. Professor M. Szymczak has over sixteen years’ experience as a consultant to many companies and local government on logistics matters. He took an active part in various business projects. He is recipient of nineteen PUEB Rector’s Awards.

As a private person he is an amateur photographer keen on shooting architecture, landscapes and street-life candid photos, and a digital imaging and processing freak. He also shows a lively interest in modern pop-rock music and the design of motor cars (as a would-be automotive stylist). He does a lot of cross-country cycling together with his family.