Conference Program



July 6-8, 2023

Sofia, Bulgaria

Conference Venue: University of National and World Economy 1700 Sofia, Student District,
No.19 December 8th st., UNWE
For Online Sessions Time Zone: Sofia-Bulgaria Time Zone

Thursday, July 6, 2023 (First Day)




Opening Ceremony & Plenary Session


Coffee Break


Session I


Coffee Break


Session II


Coffee Break


Session III

Friday, July 7, 2023 (Second Day)


Session IV


Coffee Break


Session V


Coffee Break


Post-Graduate Colloquium Session


Evaluation Session


Gala Dinner

Saturday, July 08, 2023 (Third Day)

Post Conference Tour

FIRST DAY (06.07.2023)

(10:00-10:30): Opening Ceremony – Main Hall and Online (Microsoft Teams)

Prof. Dr. Dimitar Panayotov Dimitrov (Rector of University of National and World Economy-UNWE)

Prof. Dr. Oya Erdil (President of International Strategic Management and Managers Association-ISSMA)

Assoc. Prof. Mehtap Özşahin (Chair of the 18th International Strategic Management Conference-ISMC)

(10:30-11:30): Plenary Session

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Dimitar Panayotov Dimitrov (Rector of University of National and World Economy-UNWE)

Strategy for the development of high education in Bulgaria

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Hakan Karataş (Aselsan Corporate Management Vice President, Turkey)

Human Oriented Transformation in Digital and Green Era

(11:30-12:00) Coffee Break

Session I (12:00-13:45)

Hall 1 (12:00-13:45): Digital and Green Transformation (Microsoft Teams)

Chair: Kamelia Assenova

Concept of Digitalization of the Supply Chain Management Towards Green Transformation (ZBIGNIEW BENTYN (PL), KARAHAN KARA (TR) - In Person)

Scientific Transformation of Green Transformation Research: Opportunities for Future Research Directions (MUHAMMET FATIH ŞENGÜLLENDI (TR), YASIN ŞEHITOĞLU (TR) - In Person)

A Bibliometric Analysis and Review of Green Transformation (FULYA TAŞEL (TR), EBRU BEYZA BAYARÇELIK (TR) - In Person)

Agritech As A Sustainable Solution For Agricultural Production Constraints (SUAT TEKER (TR), DILEK TEKER (TR), IRMAK ORMAN (TR) - Online)

We are at War with Nature, If We Win, We’ll Lose (ILGAR ASLAN (AZ), ALI B. KUTVAN (AZ) - Online)

(13:45-14:00) Coffee Break

Session II (14:00-15:45)

Hall 1 (14:00-15:45): Leadership in Digital Era (Microsoft Teams)

Chair: Wann-Yih Wu

Follet's Visionary Perspective on Leadership and Empowerment in Turkish Fast Consumption Industry (MINE AFACAN FINDIKLI (TR), ALPER GIRGIN (TR), TAMER YILMAZ (TR) - Online)

An Analysis of New Generation Leadership Styles in Leading E-Commerce Companies (SELIN ŞAHINIZ (TR), MUHAMMED KETEN (TR), MINE AFACAN FINDIKLI (TR) - Online)

The Green Power of Women on Board (ÖZGÜR ŞIVAN ŞAHINOĞLU (TR), AYKUT ARSLAN (TR) - Online)

Business Intelligence: Strategic Perspectives of Use (ROSAMARIA RUSCIANO (IT), FABIO PULUSO (IT) - Online)

The Effects of Entrepreneurial Orientation, Digital Leadership and Team Information Processing Capability on New Product Development: A Meta-Analysis Approach (WANN-YIH WU (TW), SARANYA GAJENDRAN (TW) - Online)

Hall 2 (14:00-15:45): Strategic Decision Making (Microsoft Teams)

Chair: Zbigniew Bentyn

Unraveling Risk Perceptions: A Game-Based Approach to Strategic Decision-Making (BOYAN MARKOV (BG) - Online)

Analyzing Use and Involvement of Business Intelligence in Albanian Companies and Its Impact on Decision Making Process (FIORALBA VELA (AL), DORJANA FEIMI (AL) - Online)

The Resource‐Based View and Competitive Advantage in Banking Sector (IBRAHIM ALKANDI (SA) - Online)

Strategic Effects of Airport Operations Control Center in Airport Management: Airport Case Study in Turkiye (DILBURA BIKEM GÖKSEL (TR), SAVAS S. ATEŞ (TR) - In Person)

(15:45-16:00) Coffee Break

Session III (16:00-17:30)

Hall 1 (16:00-17:30): Current Issues in Finance and Macro Economy in Digital Era (Microsoft Teams)

Chair: Fabio Puluso

Gender Difference in Investor Behavior and Risk Perception: An Analysis for Turkish Investors (DILEK TEKER (TR), SUAT TEKER (TR), ESIN DEMIREL (TR) - Online)

Individualized Fin-Tech Investment Services (ANGEL MARCHEV (BG), VASIL MARCHEV (BG) - Online)

Sovereign Risk and Its Impact On Interest Rates Level in Non-Euro Area Member States of EU (KAMELIA ASSENOVA (BG) - In Person)

Examination of Economic Relations between Turkey and Turkish States with Bibliometric Approach (MERVE VURAL ALBAYRAM (TR), CEMAL ZEHIR (TR) - Online)

Hall 2 (16:00-17:30): Innovation Management and Marketing (Microsoft Teams)

Chair: Oya Erdil

Innovation Management through the Prism of the Dynamics of Innovation Activity and Competitiveness of EU Countries in the 21st Century (ANTOAN SHOTAROV (BG) - In Person)

BMI (Business Model Innovation) and DC (Dynamic Capabilities) Scale Development (SEHER OGRENCI (TR), LUTFIHAK ALPKAN (TR) - Online)

Brand Activism Positions: Investigation of Ten Global Companies (DUYGU AYDIN-UNAL (TR) - Online)

Music Streaming Services and the Drivers of Customer Purchase (MARIANA LOPES BARATA (PT), JOSÉ MONTEIRO BARATA (PT) - In person)

SECOND DAY (07.07.2023)

Session IV (10:00-11:45)

Hall 1 (10:00-11:45): Green Logistics (Microsoft Teams)

Chair: Cemal Zehir

Economic and Social Impacts of Green Logistics and Green Logistics Applications in Türkiye (F. TALYA TEMIZÇERI (TR), A. ZAFER ACAR (TR) - Online)

Blockchain Applications in Supply Chain Management of Retail Sector (MUAYAD SAEED AL HADDAD (TR), ADNAN ÇORUM (TR) - In person)

Assessment of the Blacksea Grain Corridor and Ukrainian Export (SERKAN KARAKAŞ (TR), A. ZAFER ACAR (TR), MEHMET KIRMIZI (TR) - Online)

Green Transformation in Logistics: A Literature Review on Transportation Systems (F. TALYA TEMIZCERI (TR), SELIN SONER KARA (TR) - Online)

The One Belt, One Road Iniative and Air Cargo (VILDAN DURMAZ (TR), MUSTAFA ASLAN (TR), DIDEM RODOPLU ŞAHIN (TR) - In Person)

Development of Multi Objective Vehicle Routing System in a White Goods Factory (ELIF İREM TÜRKMEN (TR), ŞULE ITIR SATOĞLU (TR) - Online)

(11:45-12:15) Coffee Break

Session V (12:15-14:00)

Hall 1 (12:15-14:00): Organizational Behavior (Microsoft Teams)

Chair: Suat Teker

Technology Readiness in Employees and Evaluation of the Digital Maturity Levels of the Organization (KERİME ATEŞ (TR), HAKAN KITAPÇI (TR), ORHAN ÇÖMLEK (TR) - Online)

A Strategic Human Resource Management Approach: Leveraging Heart Rate Variability to Enhance Cognitive Performance (ALEXANDER BALABANOV (BG) - Online)

Corruption Attitudes in Post-Soviet Countries: Comparative Analysis of Estonia and Kyrgyzstan (BAIGONUSHOVA DAMIRA (KG), ABDIEVA RAZIIAKHAN (KG) - Online)

Analysis of Awareness and Perception among Faculty Members in the AACSB Accreditation Process in Turkish Business Schools (ERMAN COŞKUN (TR), MEHTAP ÖZŞAHIN (TR), SEZER BOZKUŞ KAHYAOĞLU (KG) - Online)

Examination of the Relationship between Competitive Work Environment and Employees’ Openness to Knowledge Sharing (MOHAMMED LAID OUAKOUAK (KW), NOUR AL-BULOUSHI (KW), NOUFOU OUEDRAOGO (CA), GERTRUDE I. HEWAPATHIRANA (KW) - Online)

The Mediator Role of Ethical Climate Perception on the Relationship between Cyberbullying Victimization and Turnover Intention: A Research On Remote Worker (MERVE DIŞBUDAK (TR), MERAL ELÇI (TR), GÜLAY MURAT-EMINOĞLU (TR) - Online)

Extending The Significance Of The Company’s Integrated Reporting To Investors In Financial Market (IRINA KUZMINA-MERLINO (LV) – Online)

(14:00-14:30) Coffee Break

Hall 1 - Post-Graduate Colloquium Session (14:30-15:30) (Microsoft Teams)

Integrating Financial Modeling With Strategic Management To Support Corporate Finance Decisions In E-Commerce Sector (AYBEK JUSUPBEKOV (KG) - Online)

Ant Colony Optimization-Driven Neural Networks: A Hybrid Approach to Classify Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Delays (MATEUSZ WYREMBEK (PL) - Online)

Hall 1 - Evaluation Session (15:30-16:30) (Microsoft Teams)

20:00 - 22:00 - GALA DINNER

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