Conference Program



August 25-27, 2022

Tirana, Albania

Conference Venue: Tirana International Hotel & Conference Center
For Online Sessions Time Zone: Tirana-Albania Time Zone

Thursday, August 25, 2022 (First Day)




Opening Ceremony & Plenary Session


Coffee Break


Session I


Coffee Break


Session II


Coffee Break


Session III


Gala Dinner

Friday, August 26, 2022 (Second Day)


Session IV


Coffee Break


Session V


Evaluation Session

Saturday, August 27, 2022 (Third Day)

Post Conference Tour

FIRST DAY (25.08.2022)

(10:00-10:30) : Opening Ceremony – Abret Hall and Online (ZOOM)

Mehtap Özşahin (Ph.D., Chair of the Conference- Gebze Technical University-Turkey)

A. Zafer Acar (Ph.D., Co-Chair of Conference- Piri Reis University-Turkey)

(10:30-11:30): Plenary Session

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Cengiz Yılmaz (Rector, Abdullah Gül University, Turkey)

Strategy and Management in The Post Pandemic Era

(11:30-12:00) Coffee Break

Session I (12:00-13:45)

Abret Hall (12:00-13:45) : New frontiers in Strategic Management during and after Turmoil (ZOOM)

Chair: Münevver Çetin

Adaptation of the Route of the Middle Corridor of Transport in the Event of a Military Logistic Barrier as a Byproduct of the Russia-Ukraine (ZBIGNIEW BENTYN, MEHMET TANYAS- In-Person)

Is the Use of Green Port Certification Strategic or Not? (AVNI ZAFER ACAR, AYKUT ARSLAN, METIN DANIŞ-In-Person)

Mediating Effect of Work Engagement On the Relationship Between Green Human Resources Management and Resilience (OSMAN BAYRAKTAR, ELIF BAYKAL-In-Person)

Agile Strategy: An Application On SMEs and a Model Proposal (ÖZAY CEBECI, GÜNEŞ GENCYILMAZ, OSMAN YILDIRIM- Online)

The Organisational Culture of Samsung Regarding Business Competitiveness and Innovation in Europe in The Post-Pandemic Era: A Case Study Research (CHUTINON PUTTHIWANIT, VELGA VĒVERE -Online)

(13:45-14:00) Coffee Break

Session II (14:00-15:45)

Metropol Hall (14:00-15:45) : Corporate Governance and Organizational Change (ZOOM)

Chair: Zbigniew Bentyn

Does Firm Size Influence the Relationship Between Corporate Social Responsibility and Capital Structure? (MINE AKSOY-In-Person)

Corporate Avoidance of Governance (AYKUT ARSLAN, ÖZGÜR ŞIVAN ŞAHINOĞLU-In-Person)

Organizational Change: An Exploratory Study On Organizational Tightness-Flexibility Dilemmas of Academicians (MÜNEVVER ÇETIN, GIZEM DAK- In-Person)

The Effect of Institutionalization at Universities On Institutional Reputation (MAHMUT ÇETIN, SEBAHATTIN YILDIZ, N. ÖYKÜ IYIGÜN- Online)

Ethical Violations: Insider Trading and Market Fraud Actions in The Turkish Capital Markets (ILKNUR ESKIN, ILKNUR TAŞTAN BOZ-Online)

Onufri Hall (14:00-15:45) : Strategic Marketing (ZOOM)

Chair: Erman Coşkun

The Impact of Overall Experience On Hotel Customers’ Voice Behaviour (FEYZA OZLER EFE, NILSAH CAVDAR AKSOY,ALEV KOCAK ALAN, EBRU TUMER KABADAYI-Online)

What Does Green Clothing Mean to Consumers? The Role of the Desire for Consumer Products (SELEN BAKIŞ, HAKAN KITAPÇI-Online)

Evaluation of Health Professionals’ Approaches in Strategic Marketing of Functional Foods (FATMA PELIN EREL, YASEMIN ORAMAN- Online)

Problems Experienced by Customers After Sales Through Digital Shopping Platforms (KASIM YILMAZ-Online)

E-Commerce in The Pandemic: A Literature Review ( METEHAN UÇAR, AYTUĞ SÖZÜER – Online )

(15:45-16:00) Coffee Break

Session III (16:00-17:30)

Metropol Hall (16:00-17:30) : Management Information Systems and Strategic Management (ZOOM)

Chair: Avni Zafer Acar

Modeling and Forecasting Türkiye’s Wheat Production Amount with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (ADNAN KALKAN, MEHMET TEPELI, MELIKE ŞIŞECI ÇEŞMELI-In-Person)

Management Information Systems Department Curriculum Research in EU and US Universities (ASLI GÖDE, MEHMET TEPELI, ADNAN KALKAN-In-Person)

Strategic Management Need in MIS Programs: Analysis of Business, Management, And Strategic Management Courses in Turkish MIS Programs (ESRA CENGIZ TIRPAN, MEHTAP ÖZŞAHIN, ERMAN COŞKUN-Online)

Intersection of Strategic Management and Management Information Systems Disciplines: Analysis of Theories (GIZEM TURCAN, ERMAN COŞKUN, MEHTAP ÖZŞAHIN, ATAJAN ROVSHENOV-Online)

Onufri Hall (16:00-17:30) : Techniques, Technologies and Applications (ZOOM)

Chair : Osman Bayraktar

Unsustainable Supply Chain of Sustainable Food Companies(AHMET KAYA, AVNI ZAFER ACAR-In-Person)

Identification of The Most Suitable Blockchain Types and Consensus Mechanisms For The Prominent Applications And Use Cases In The Natural Gas Industry (CEMAL ZEHIR, MELIKE ZEHIR- Online)

The Relationship Between Dynamic Capabilities, Product Innovation, Firm Performance And Technology Uncertainty (CEMAL ZEHIR, SÜMEYYE ÇIÇEK VURAL- Online)

Fuzzy Cognitive Strategic Map Hierarchies in Performance Measurement, Modeling and Reorganization ( KOUROUPAKI IOULIA, CHRISTOS MPAFAS, GLYKAS MICHAIL-Online)

20:00 -22:00 GALA DINNER (Eva Villa- Rr. Perlat Rexhepi, Pallati Unicom, Tirana-Albania)

SECOND DAY (26.08.2022)

Session IV (09:00-11:00)

Metropol Hall (09:00-11:00) : Organizational Behavior and Human Resource (ZOOM)

Chair: Antonio Mínguez-Vera

Satisfaction and Loyalty in The Airline Industry ( SEMIH SORAN, PINAR HORASANLI GÖKALP, HARUN ŞEŞEN- In-Person )

The Moderating Effect of Peace of Mind On the Relationship Between Grit and Career Satisfaction ( ELIF BILGINOĞLU, UĞUR YOZGAT - Online )

Iron Triangle: Talent Management, Job Crafting and Performance ( CEREN CINAS, OSMAN YILDIRIM, PELIN VARDARLIER, TUBA DUZCU, OZAY CEBECI - Online )

Process Mining Human Resources Cost Calculations In Time Driven Activity Based Costing ( SACHINI ELENI, NIKOU EVDOKIA, GLYKAS MICHAIL - Online )

Quality System Management: The Role Of Human Resources ( VITZILEOU MARIA, GLYKAS MICHAIL, MELIDIS GEORGIOS - Online )

An Econometric Analysis of Panel Data for Educational Attainment and Employment in Tertiary Education ( F. ŞEHKAR FAYDA KINIK, MÜNEVVER ÇETIN - Online )

(11:00-11:15) Coffee Break

Session V (11:15-13:15)

Metropol Hall (11:15-13:15) : Organizational Behavior and Leadership (ZOOM)

Chair: Adnan Kalkan


A Proposed Model Of The Relations Between Ambidextrous Leadership And Creative Tendency: The Mediator Role Of Trust In Leader (GÖKHAN AKINCI, LUTFIHAK ALPKAN-Online)

The Mediating Effect Of A Leader’s Gender In The Relationship Between The Ethical Leadership Behaviors And The Affective Dimension Of The Organizational Commitment (HASAN CEM DEMIR, MERAL ELÇI-Online)

How Do Femininity and Masculinity Relate To Female Management: Self Perceptions From Academia (ZEYNEP KABADAYI KUŞÇU-Online)

The Relationship Between Psychological Contract Breaches and Organizational Silence (ORHAN BALIKÇI, ÖZLEM YAŞAR UĞURLU –In-Person)

Individually Resistance Against to Organizational Change (TUĞBA KÜÇÜKATALAY, PELIN VARDARLIER, RECEP ÖZSÜRÜNÇ, ÖZALP VAYVAY- Online)

Metropol Hall (13:15-14:00) : Evaluation Session (ZOOM)