Conference Program




July 12-14, 2018

Thursday, July 12, 2018 (First Day)
08:00-09:00 Registration
09:00-12:00 Opening Ceremony & Plenary Session
12:00-13:00 Coffee Break
13:00-14:45 Session I
14:45-15:00 Coffee Break
15:00-16:45 Session II
16:45-17:00 Coffee Break
17:00-18:45 Session III
Friday, July 13, 2018 (Second Day)
09:00-10:45 Session IV
10:45-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-12:45 Session V
12:45-14:00 Coffee Break
14:00-15:45 Session VI
15:45-16:00 Coffee Break
16:00-17:30 Session VII
17:30-18:00 Evaluation Session
19:00-22:00 Gala Dinner - (U Pavouka)
Saturday, July 14, 2018 (Third Day)
Post Conference Tour

FIRST DAY (12.07.2018)

(09:00-10:00): Opening Ceremony – Main Hall

» Lütfihak Alpkan (Ph.D., Chairman of the Conference)
» Oya Erdil (Ph. D., Co-Chair of Conference)
» Cemal Zehir (Ph.D., Co-Chair of Conference)

(10:00-12:00): Plenary Session

» Keynote Speaker: Ludmila Mladkova (Ph.D., University of Economics Prague-Czechia)
The strategic decision on the management model: Threats and opportunities of different models for the company in the digital era.

» Keynote Speaker: Maria Negreponti-Delivanis (Ph.D., Vice President-CEDIMES)
Robotics and its impact on employment.

(12:00-13:00) Coffee Break

Session I (13:00-14:45)

Hall 1 - ISMC (13:00-14:45): Strategies for Digital Transformation - 1
Chair: Ludmila Mladkova

» Industry 4.0-Tourism 4.0 and Human Factor: Voice of Customer (BILSEN BILGILI, EMRAH ÖZKUL)

» Digitalization in the light of Anti-Positivist Paradigm and Resistance to Change: An Application in the Information Sector(NEVZAT ALI FIKIRSINDI, PINAR ACAR)

» Digitalization and Platform Economy in Service Sector – Disruption from Companies, Employees and Consumers Points of View (KATRI JAKOSUO)

» Incivility in Digital Era: A Study on Cyberbullying (E. SERRA YURTKORU, GÜLER İSLAMOĞLU)

» Different Approaches in Recruiting Young Professionals (MARTINA FISCHEROVÁ, KATEŘINA PŮBALOVÁ)

Hall 2 - ISMC (13:00-14:45): Marketing Strategies - 1
Chair: Stanley Coffie

» Consumer Regret Arising From Sub-Optimal Conditions in Stock-Out Situations and Its’ Influence on Brand Loyalty (NEWTON OWUOR, ÜMIT ALNIAÇIK)

» The Consumers' Functional Food Trend: Key Success Factors For Market Orientation, Development And Successfully Negotiating Market Opportunities(YASEMIN ORAMAN)

» Selfless or Skeptical Consumer? (AYSEL ERCIŞ, BILAL ÇELIK)

» The Effect of Inertia and Satisfaction on Consumer Loyalty in Online Shopping Sites(AYSEL ERCIŞ, TUĞBA YILDIZ, F.GÖRGÜN DEVECI)

» Strategies for Branding Services in a Transitioning Economy (STANLEY COFFIE)

Hall 3 - ISMC (13:00-14:45): Organizational Behavior and Leadership - 1
Chair: Janis Priede

» The Level of Exposure to Cyber Bullying for Employees in Workplace (ADNAN KALKAN, GULIN TUGCE SOYLEYICI, IHSAN PENCE)

» How To Achieve Diversity At A Workplace? The Business Model Perspective (JOANNA HERNIK)

» The Impact of Ethical Leadership on Member’s Creativity and Career Success: The Mediating Role of Leader-Member Exchange (CANAN NUR KARABEY, ZIŞAN DUYGU ALIOĞULLARI)

» Relationship between Organizational Dissent & Ethical Climate and Their Effects on Turnover Intentions(ESRA ALNIACIK, EZGI ERBAS KELEBEK)

» Effects of Organizational Dissent on Affective Commitment and Job Satisfaction (EZGI ERBAS KELEBEK, ESRA ALNIACIK)

(14:45-15:00) Coffee Break

Session II (15:00-16:45)

Hall 1 - ISMC (15:00-16:45): Strategies for Digital Transformation - 2
Chair: Joanna Hernik

» Big Data Analytics and Firm Innovativeness: A Model Proposition under the Moderating Effect of Data-Driven Culture (TUGBA KARABOGA, CEMAL ZEHIR, HASAN AYKUT KARABOGA)

» A Critical Evaluation of Artificial Intelligence: What happened? What to Expect? (AHMET ANIL KARAPOLATGIL, İRGE ŞENER)

» Company Maturity Matrix (OLGA ECKARDT)

» Tourism sector transformations and the importance of innovations: Case Studies of Top Busiest Airports in the World (EDITA BARANSKAITĖ, LEYLA ADILOĞLU-YALÇINKAYA)

Hall 2 - ISMC (15:00-16:45): Marketing Strategies - 2
Chair: Ümit Alnıaçık

» The Effects of Internal Marketing Activities on The Satisfaction and The Performance of The Salespeople (NUR BAŞYAZICIOĞLU, M. ŞÜKRÜ AKDOĞAN)

» The Mediating Role of Corporate Reputation in the Effect of Perceived Corporate Social Responsibility on Contextual Performance (A. ASUMAN AKDOĞAN, ONUR KÖKSAL, AYŞE CİNGÖZ)

» The Effects of Experiential Motives and Trust on Adoption of Online Music Services(ALEV KOÇAK ALANI, EBRU TÜMER KABADAYI, SELEN BAKIŞ)

» The role of the medical sales representative in the physician customer’s firm loyalty: Implications for managing a strategic business relationship in an emerging-market context (TANSES GÜLSOY, OLKAN BUDAK)

» Beyond Obvious Behavior Patterns in Universities: Student Engagement with the University (ALEV KOÇAK ALANI, EBRU TÜMER KABADAYI, NILŞAH CAVDAR)

Hall 3 - ISMC (15:00-16:45): Innovation Strategies - 1
Chair: A. Zafer Acar

» A Hidden Challenge for Fostering Innovation: IP Valuation Methods (AYSUN BEYAZKILIÇ KOÇ, NIHAN YILDIRIM)

» Open Innovation in Developing Country SMEs: Evidence from Turkey (SERHAT SAĞ, BÜLENT SEZEN)

» The next frontier: Open innovation and knowledge absorptive capacity in business incubators: Towards the experience from Chile, Israel and Italy (SELMA REGINA MARTINS OLIVEIRA, SANDRO TRENTO)

» The Profiles of Consumer Innovativeness in Turkey (ŞÜKRÜ AKDOĞAN, KUMRU UYAR, KENAN GÜLLÜ)

» How Does Entrepreneurship Education Affect The Entrepreneurial Tendencies of University Students? (SEMA POLATCI, MIHRIBAN CINDILOGLU)

(16:45-17:00) Coffee Break

Session III (17:00-18:45)

Hall 1 - ISMC (17:00-18:45):Strategic Planning, Implementation and Performance Management - 1
Chair: A. Asuman Akdoğan

» The Comprehensive Perspective On PMS – Including The Strategy Implementation Measurement And Intra-Organizational Factors Hindering Strategy Implementation (JOANNA RADOMSKA)

» Resource Dependence Theory, Firm Performance And Producers-Suppliers Relationships (CEMAL ZEHIR, MINE AFACAN FINDIKLI, KUDRET ÇELTEKLIGIL)

» Determining the Potential of Mersin, Samsun and İzmir in Logistics Clusters Perspective: A quantitative approach (A. ZAFER ACAR, MEHMET KIRMIZI, SERKAN KARAKAŞ)

» Institutionalization Scale Development Study: A Research on Internationalized Firms(MUSTAFA SUNDU)

Hall 2 - ISMC (17:00-18:45):Organizational Behavior and Leadership - 2
Chair: E. Serra Yurtkoru

» Analyzing the Effect of Organizational Commitment, Ethical Climate and Mobbing at Workplace on Turnover Intention and Generation Differences among Municipality Employees (MELISA ERDILEK KARABAY, İRGE ŞENER, MERAL ELÇI ŞEBNEM ENSARI)

» Examination of The Perceptions of Workers About Working Life Quality In Terms of Demographic Characteristics (AHMET UÇAKTÜRK, HARUN DEMIRKAYA, TÜLAY UÇAKTÜRK)

» The Effect of Job Crafting on Job Satisfaction: A Research on Teachers (FATIH SOBACI, SEMA POLATCI)

» How to Increase Job Satisfaction ın Banking Sector? The Effects of Perceived Organizational and Social Support, and Emotional Intelligence (MIHRIBAN CINDILOGLU DEMIRER, SEMA POLATCI)

Hall 3 - ISMC (17:00-18:45):Economic Growth and Employment
Chair: Nihan Yıldırım

» The European Economic and Financial System between Wage Deflation and Structural Unemployment (UMBERTO ROSATI)

» Relation of Direct Foreign Investments and Economic Growth: Panel Data Analysis on APEC Countries(NAZIFE ÖZGE KILIÇ, İLHAN GÜLLÜ)

» European Union’s International Trade Policy and Strategy (JANIS PRIEDE)

» Forecasting Imports and Exports of Turkey Using the Industrial Electricity Consumption with Artificial Intelligence Methods (IHSAN PENÇE, HAKAN TUNÇ, ADNAN KALKAN, MELIKE ŞIŞECI ÇEŞMELI)

» Strategic Issues for the Qualitative Improvement of Romanian Employment in the European Union context: an Empirical Analysis (EMILIA HERMAN)

SECOND DAY (03.07.2018)

Session IV (09:00-10:45)

Hall 1 - ISMC (09:00-10:45):Organizational Behavior and Leadership - 3
Chair: Selma Regina Martins Oliveira

» Does Organizational Justice Increase or Decrease Organizational Dissent?( SENAY YÜRÜR, MEHTAP ÖZŞAHIN, HAKAN SOYUBOL )

» The Role of Personality in Counterproductive Work Behavior (GÖNÜL KAYA ÖZBAĞ)

» The Investigation of the Relationship Between Emotional Labor and Counter-Productive Work Behavior(HÜLYA GÜNDÜZ ÇEKMECELIOĞLU, CANAN BAYSAL, GAMZE KAĞAN, İBRAHIM YIKILMAZ)

» The Investigation of The Leadership Style In Turkish Management Culture In Terms of Attitudes And Behaviors Of The Employees (HÜLYA GÜNDÜZ ÇEKMECELIOĞLU, İBRAHIM YIKILMAZ)

» Relationships Between Organizational Trust, Psychological Contract Violation, Organizational Exclusion And Job Satisfaction (MELIKE ARTAR, ZAFER ADIGÜZEL, OYA ERDIL)

Hall 2 - ISMC (09:00-10:45):Consumption and Technology
Chair: Emilia Herman

» Use of social media to extremism idea among social media users in Anuradhapura District, Sri Lanka (HMBP RANAWEERA, PPC SOMADASA)

» Youtubers: Why do Consumers Watch Their Videos and How Are They Influenced? (İREM EREN-ERDOĞMUŞ, MESUT ÇIÇEK)

» Applied Video Content Analysis in Marketing Research – Lessons Learned (MICHAEL STROS, DAVID ŘÍHA)

» Evaluating Status Consumption: The Relationship Interpersonal Influence and Technology Consciousness (YEŞIM CAN, OYA ERDIL)

Hall 3 - ICTIBM (09:00-10:45):Decisional Factors
Chair: Erman Coşkun

» A Field Research to Identify Psychological Factors Influencing the Debt Repayment Behavior in Turkey (MEHTAP OZSAHIN, SENAY YURUR, ERMAN COSKUN)

» Innovative Human Resource Practices: A Qualitative Research With Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Businesses (SAADET ELA PELENK)

» The Effect of Financial Literacy and Risk Perception on Investment Choices of Individual Investors (SELIM AREN, SEDA CANIKLI)

» ‘Music Effects’, ‘Emotional Response To Wait’, ‘Attitude Toward Store’ (ESRA OVALI)

» The evaluation of tourism development economic impact indicators in Lithuania (DAIVA LABANAUSKAITE, EDITA BARANSKAITE)

(10:45-11:00) Coffee Break

Session V (11:00-12:45)

Hall 1 - ISMC (11:00-12:45):Strategic Planning, Implementation and Performance Management - 2
Chair: Giuseppe Cascione

» Evaluation of Basic Concepts and Practices of Strategic Management in Participation Banking According to the Views of Branch Managers(ERDAL ALGA, MUTLU ARMAN)

» Developing an HR Strategy Map for Military Context (SERDAR GENÇ, KERIM ÖZCAN)

» The Effects on Strategic Planning on Accomplishment of Mission to Non-Government Organizations (ROHANA WEERASOORIYA)

» Franchising as a Strategic Alliance Model: A Qualitative Research on Firms in Food and Beverage Sector (MUTLU ARMAN, NISA EKŞILI, FUNDA KIRAN, ÖZLEM ÇETINKAYA BOZKURT)

Hall 2 - ISMC (11:00-12:45):Technology Management and Entrepreneurship
Chair: Dababrata Chowdhury

» Linking job satisfaction and self-efficacy to the intrapreneurial behaviors: Testing a mediating model on information technology managers(SEMIH SORAN, HARUN ŞEŞEN, BURCU GÜVEN)

» Determinants of the Entrepreneurial Intentions of University Students: Testing the Ajzen’s Model in Turkish Sample (SEMIH SORAN, HARUN ŞEŞEN, PINAR HORASANLI GÖKALP)

» Strategic Entrepreneurial Posture, Entrepreneurial Orientation and Firm Performance Relationship in Family and Non-Family Businesses(CEMAL ZEHIR, ESIN CAN, A.MERVE URFA)

» Analyzing the Ambiguous Relationship Between Technological Orientation and Green Management (MEHMET ŞAHIN GÖK, ERŞAN CIĞERIM, TUĞKAN ARICI)

» High Performance Human Resource Practices and Firm Performance: The Mediating Effect of Corporate Entrepreneurship(TUGCE HANCI-DONMEZ, GAYE KARACAY)

Hall 3 - ISMC - ICTIBM (11:00-12:45):Les développements dans la vie des affaires à l'ère du numérique-Francophone Session
Chair: Francesco Scalera

» Three different kinds of "globalization": Are they at odds with one another?(MARIA NEGREPONTI-DELIVANIS)

» Financial market anomalies and behavioral biases: Implications of overconfidence bias (RAHMA BEN NAYA, FRANCESCO SCALERA)

» Designing And Managing Businesses In The Digital Age (PETRAQ PAPAJORGJI, AZETA TARTARAJ)

» Evaluating the Efficacy of a Training Program on HR Performance with Spatially Structured Data (MARCELLO DE GIOSA)

» Exploring the determinants of the collaboration of companies based in Morocco’s free zones (M.A. BOULAICH, M. M’HAMEDI, N. CHERQI, K. AZOUGAGH)

(12:45-14:00) Coffee Break

Session VI (14:00-15:45)

Hall 1 - ISMC (14:00-15:45):Financial Management Strategies
Chair: Uğur Yozgat

» Typology of Behavioral Biases and Heuristics (SELIM AREN, SEDA CANIKLI)

» International Financial Reporting Standards And Financial Reporting Quality: A Pre-/Post-IFRS Adoption Comparative Analysis(LUMINIȚA GABRIELA ISTRATE, BOGDAN ȘTEFAN IONESCU)

» Valuation of Internet Companies: methods compared (OLGA FERRARO, FRANCO ERNESTO RUBINO, FRANCESCA AURA)

» Application of Business Process Management (BPM) Tools in European Commercial Sectors as a Measure of Current Maturity of Customer Centric Model (MAG. MILOMIR VOJVODIC, CHRISTIAN HITZ)

» Democracy, Capabilities Approach and Income Approach. Towards a More Complex Theory of Development (GIUSEPPE CASCIONE)

Hall 2 - ISMC (14:00-15:45):Innovation Strategies - 2
Chair: Semih Soran

» The Mediating Role of Solidarity on the Relationship between Resource Dependence and Innovation Performance (SEVCAN PINAR, MINE AFACAN FINDIKLI, GÖKSEL ATAMAN)

» Network Ties, Absorptive Capacity and Innovativeness of the SMEs in Sri Lanka (P.M.B. JAYATHILAKE)

» Learning Orientation and Absorptive Capacity as Determinants of Firm Innovativeness: Enhancing Firm Performance (SALIH ZEKI IMAMOGLU, HUSEYIN INCE, HULYA TURKCAN, ERSIN FIDAN)

» Market Dynamism and Firm Performance Relation: The Mediating Effects of Positive Environment Conditions and Firm Innovativeness (CEMAL ZEHIR, DILEK BALAK)

Hall 3 - ICTIBM (14:00-15:45):Innovation Management
Chair: Semra Birgün

» Market Orientation and Innovation Performance: The Mediating Role of Entrepreneurial Strategic Posture (CEMAL ZEHIR, TUGBA KARABOGA, HASAN AYKUT KARABOGA, AHMET UZMEZ)

» Investigation of the Relationship Between Market Dynamism, Learning Orientation, Firm Innovativeness and Firm Performance (SONGUL ZEHIR, MELIKE ZEHIR)

» A New Business Model by SANLAB: Implementation of Simulation Technologies in Education (SALIH KUKREK, MEHMET SAHIN GOK)

» Solving the Sales Problem of a Poultry Meat Company with Thinking Process (FATMA SERAB ONURSAL, SELMAN AYDIN, SEMRA BIRGUN)

(15:45-16:00) Coffee Break

Session VII (16:00-17:30)

Hall 1 - ISMC (16:00-17:30):Marketing Strategies - 3
Chair: Petraq Papajorgji

» The Correlations between Environmentalist Consumer Behavior and Personal Values (F. BURCU CANDAN, BILSEN BILGILI, TAYFUN GÜVEN)

» Effect of Brand and Market Performance on Competitiveness in Mergers and Acquisitions (T. SABRI ERDIL, SIBEL AYDOĞAN, BAHADIR AYAR, ÖZGE GÜVENDIK, SEREN DILER, KEMAL GUSINAC)

» Consumer Identity Inventory: A New Tool for Segmenting Online Consumers? (İNCI DURSUN, EBRU TÜMER KABADAYI, SEMA GÜNDÜZ)

» TOC-Thinking Process Approach for Problem Solving in Trademark Registration Process (SEMRA BIRGÜN, SERPIL EROL, A.ARZU CEYLAN ALPAR)

Hall 2 - ICLTIBM (16:00-17:30):Leadership and Learning
Chair: Tanses Gülsoy

» The Impact of Authentic Leadership on Organizational Learning Capacity (SENOL OKMEN, MERAL ELCI, GULAY MURAT, YUSUF YILMAZ)

» Techno-Entrepreneurial Leadership: An Emerging thought on Indian MSMEs (SONAL SINGH, BHASKAR BHOWMICK, SUSMITA GHOSH)

» Does Positive Psychological Capital Have A Mediator Effect In The Relation Between Transformational Leadership and Organizational Innovation? (M. FATIH SENGULLENDI, MEHMET NACI EFE, YASIN SEHITOGLU)

» The Authentic Leadership, Learning, Entrepreneurship, Product Development Abilities and Company Performance Relationship: An Execution in the Telecommunication Sector (CEMAL ZEHIR, ISA HAMEDAN, ESRA ERZENGIN, YASIN SEHITOGLU)

» Sparking Leadership for Engaged Employees and Passionate Organizations – Sparking Leadership Scale (SLC) Development and Validation (ELIF BILGINOĞLU, UĞUR YOZGAT)

Hall 3 - ICLTIBM (16:00-17:30):Leadership and Culture
Chair: Cemal Zehir

» Commercial Helplessness of Small-Scale Animal Producers in Turkey (AYHAN YASAN)

» The Relationship Between Organizational Culture, Management Innovation, Product Innovation, and New Product Market Performance (CEMAL ZEHIR, DILEK KARACA, DOGAN BASAR)

» Mediating Role of Learning Capability in the Relation between Entrepreneurship Orientation and Market Performance (CEMAL ZEHIR, AYSEGUL ERYILMAZ KIRALI, BURCU OZGUL, HAKAN AKDAG)

» Ethical Leadership, Relationship Orientation and Employee Performance (CEMAL ZEHİR, NURGUL ERDAL, FILIZ SIVASLIOGLU, BIRGUL DEMIR)

» Significance of Data Mining and Business Intelligence Systems for Business Decision Support: Present and Future (AHMET UCAKTURK, MICHEL VILLARD, TULAY UCAKTURK)


(19:00-22:00) GALA DINNER (U PAVOUKA-Krcma U Pavouka, Celetna 597/17, 110 00 Praha 1-Stare Mesto )