Keynote Speakers


Maria Negreponti Delivanis is Professor Emeritus of economics and former rector of the University of Macedonia as well as the Vice President of CEDIMES. Graduating with distinction in economics from the University of Thessaloniki in Greece, she won a scholarship from the French government to the University of Paris-Sorbonne, where in 1959 she obtained a state Ph.D. (Doctorat d’Etat) in economics. She was the first woman rector in Greece and was re-elected three times. A distinguished academician, Professor Negreponti Delivanis holds awards from the Academy of Athens, honorary doctorates from several universities, and the medal of the National Order of the Knights of the Legion of Honor (2008) from the French government. She was a Jean Monnet Fellow, a consultant at the OECD, and a member of the Scientific Academy of Bucharest. She was involved in research projects of the NATO, OECD, the National Centre for Scientific Research in Paris (CNRS-Centre national de la recherche scientifique), the National Centre for Social Research (EKKE, Greece), the Ministry of Industry of Greece, and the Research Foundation of the Balkans among others. Professor Negreponti-Delivanis has been invited to teach or deliver lectures at the universities of New York, Paris, Rome, Bonn, Marseille, Florence, Trieste, Sophia, Bratislava, Warsaw, Krakow (Poland), Melbourne (Australia), Buenos-Aires, Rio de Janeiro, South Korea, Port-au-Prince (Haiti), Almaty (Kazakhstan), Rijeca (Croatia), Freiburg (Switzerland), and Targoviste (Romania) among others. Specializing in macroeconomics (including also regional economics), Professor Negreponti Delivanis has authored or co-authored 51 books and 680 scientific articles in Greek, French, English, Spanish, Romanian, and Russian. She will address the 14th International Strategic Management Conference on the topic of “Robotics and its impact on employment.”


Ludmila Mladkova is an associate professor of economics and management at the department of management of the University of Economics Prague. She received her bachelor’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Economics Prague and has extensive industrial experience, working for the telecommunications company of the Czech Republic and the Department of Environment Protection in the National Committee of Central Bohemia. Dr. Mladkova took part in transformational reengineering processes in Cesky Telecom. As an officer within the Department of Environment Protection within the National Committee of Central Bohemia, she was responsible for air protection. With research grants from the Czech Grants Agency, Dr. Mladkova carried out research projects in konwledge management. She has also taught at the Rochester Institute of Technology, the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management in Brussels, Belgium, the Stockholm Business School in Sweden, and the ISCTE Business School in Lisbon, Portugal among others. Specializing in knowledge management, management of knowledge workers, managerial leadership, and management of innovations, Dr. Mladkova has many distinguished publications to her name. Dr. Mladkova will address the 14th International Strategic Management Conference on the topic of “The strategic decision on the management model: Threats and opportunities of different models for the company in the digital era.”