Payment Policy

(After June 13, 2018)
Students ( ) 200 € 220 €
Academicians ( ) 250 € 270 €
Guests/Listeners ( ) 100 € 120 €
**Exceeding page 20 € (per page) 20 € (per page)
* Papers accepted by a journal in our list cannot be published at the same time online in European Proceedings of Social and Behavioral Sciences
** Authors whose papers exceed 10 pages should pay 20 € for each additional page.
Registration fee includes conference kits, coffee breaks, gala dinner and entry to the conference.

Payments should be made to the account below:

Bank Country: Turkey
Bank Name: Türkiye İş Bankası
Branch: 1199-Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi -Istanbul
Bank Account Owner: Uluslararasi Stratejik Yonetim ve Yoneticiler Dernegi
€ Account No: 0140689
IBAN NO: TR47 0006 4000 0021 1990 1406 89
Participation fee is paid for each participant and also for each paper.

Accordingly, if two or more co-authors participate to the conference to submit only one paper, a fee for each of the participants should be paid.

Moreover, if two or more (let us say three) papers of a group of co-authors are accepted for publication but only one of the authors participate to the conference to present these papers, a fee for all the three papers should be paid.

But if, for instance, four co-authors submit only one paper and only one of these authors participate; only a fee for one participant should be paid.

In case if a sole author submits two or more papers are accepted, a normal fee for the first paper should be paid, then a fee of 100 euro should be paid for each extra paper.